Our North Star and the Ship We Sail Upon

At Trifecta General Counsel, we are driven by our mission to change the model of legal services delivery. This is our North star as we make decisions every day. But, clarity of purpose isn’t quite enough to make the waves we seek.

We know that, even when the benefit is obvious, the effort to make changes to the establishment is difficult. We also know that venturing into new territory can be risky – if there is no map or guidebook, you’ll probably stray off course here and there. And, we know that throwing people together in a room doesn’t magically turn them into a team.

Given all of this, we know that the most essential tool we have to fulfill our mission of change is the people we hire. The capacity to provide unparalleled service while doing excellent work is the ship we sail upon to truly reset the expectations of a law firm. We recognize that not only do we need to start with amazing individuals, we need to implement supports to help them reach their awesome potential.

A few months ago, we were getting ready to hire our third attorney, and we shared some of our hiring process. This is a deeper dive into our people ops approach, going beyond making the match with our company. What do we do to build (and strengthen) our team?


We believe that true collaboration requires trust, and that the trust needs to come from all sides. We carefully select our team members so we know they have the skills to complete their work each day. The tech landscape is dynamic, and our clients are on the cutting edge of it, meaning we’re often working on projects without clear precedents. We must trust our staff to escalate and ask for help as they tackle new projects. On the flip side, because we reinforce a team approach to problem-solving, we each trust that, when we ask for help, there are no unintended deterrents to asking for help the next time.


We also believe that happy lawyers make happier clients, so we prioritize building a work environment that helps our team feel engaged and supported. We’re fans of Daniel Pink’s three elements of motivation. We recognize that each individual defines the autonomy they require, the areas of mastery they care about, and their personal connection to our company purpose a little differently, so we individualize our growth paths accordingly.


To change the traditional model of legal services delivery, one of the first things to do is to be intentional about our incentives. By focusing on hours billed as a success metric, traditional law firms incentivize longer, more complex solutions rather than efficiency. In contrast, because we prioritize integrity, transparency, and long-term relationships with our clients, we look for ways to simplify, be more responsive, increase accuracy, and find win-win outcomes.

Want to hear more? We’re always looking for the next great fit for our team.

Tripp Stroud