Propeller Health is the leading digital health company for chronic respiratory disease. They create products to more effectively treat asthma and COPD and improve clinical outcomes for patients through connectivity, analytics, and companion digital experiences. The Propeller platform is used by patients, physicians and healthcare organizations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In order to keep up with the rapid growth and expansion of their company, they realized that their customer contracting process needed improvement.



Propeller Health creates a digital sensor that attaches to inhaled medications and communicates with a smartphone app to help patients manage respiratory disease. In order to make this technology available to patients, they partner with a variety of entities. 

Propeller works with pharmaceutical companies who want to increase patient adherence to their medications and transform their analog medications into digital ones. Propeller also  works with health systems and health plans to improve patient self-management of their condition and reduce the cost of care by decreasing episodes where a patient might need to visit the emergency room. 

Setting these partners up on the Propeller platform requires detailed contracts that deal with the exchange of sensitive patient data. 

In the digital health space where things move quickly and innovation is a constant, Propeller needed a partner who could move quickly along with them.


As the only law firm in the country founded by Epic vets, the Trifecta team prides itself in their experience in negotiating with health systems and plans. It was this expertise that helped Propeller improve their contacting process. 

In order to create an efficient contracting process, Trifecta crafts and maintains contract templates, as well as offering service levels for common tasks, such as NDAs and SOWs. They also use a technology-enabled system, called Bandwidth, that uses automation, standardization and artificial intelligence to streamline the contracting process.

Instead of high hourly rates, Trifecta offers a monthly subscription pricing, which included everything Propeller needed to draft, maintain and negotiate their customer contracts. 

“From day one, they were able to jump in and dig into the contract details, immediately adding value. They’ve been helpful with speeding up the whole process of getting back to customers and completing negotiations.”

Jesse Waldron, VP of Finance, Propeller Health

By integrating Trifecta as a legal partner rather than a contractor, real-time collaboration was possible. The entire team at Propeller, from sales to business development to research, was able to access Trifecta, via Slack, email or phone, when a legal question came up.

“They’re connected and always available. We didn’t have that functionality before.” said Waldron.


As a result, contract negotiation time was dramatically reduced. Waldron stated that “contracts got turned around in hours instead of days and at a much more reasonable cost.”

The subscription pricing model meant less worry and stress about asking for assistance and advice, and gave Propeller the ability to better forecast their monthly legal expenses.

Waldron summed the results up: “When you work with a traditional law firm there tends to be a lot of back and forth and fighting between lawyers who are just charging their end customers hourly rates...working with Trifecta, we avoid all of that. We don’t waste time, effort and money...we both win when things move quicker.”


How could you grow your business if contract negotiation time and cost was cut in half?