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Delegation is the future

Bandwidth is what we named our technology-enabled delegation model for contracting tasks. With Bandwidth, we take on the endless chore of reviewing and redlining contracts. Your team then has more time for strategic, complex, and top of license activities, more time to grow skill sets, and more time to be home for family dinner.

Our goal with Bandwidth is to efficiently and affordably make a huge dent in your team’s contracting workload. Whether it’s customer contracting, vendor contracting, MSAs, BAAs, NDAs, we can flexibly address a wide variety of contracting work streams.

The value proposition of Bandwidth is pretty simple: Make happier, free-er legal teams.

Our technology-enabled system makes delegation affordable, efficient, and satisfying. Your team pushes down to us the routine tasks of contract drafting, reviewing, and redlining.  Then they focus on “top of license” activities like complex and strategically important projects in your queue 


How it works

You probably have questions. Flip through our documentation to get a feel for what Bandwidth looks like.



Overview: Learn about how Bandwidth works


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Visibility: See how we make it easier to monitor progress on your delegated work