Trifecta General Counsel

We’re the only law firm in the country seeded by Epic vets. We have the legal side of health tech down pretty well.

What we really hang our hat on is our approach to customer service. We’re shaking up the law firm model to make interactions with legal an efficient, affordable, and satisfying experience.


What we do

Whether you call it digital health, health IT, or health tech, we have a deep appreciation for the laws and business models that support the collection, use, and maintenance of healthcare information. We’ve led our clients through contract negotiations with every major payer and health system in the country. When our clients team up with EHR vendors, pharma, researchers, and other industry players, they look to us for knowledge and to help blaze a trail. We are often a sounding board for clients when they are exploring a proof of concept or new business model.

Strategic Partnerships

Data Regulation

Integration and Interoperability

Customer Contracting

Vendor Contracting

Data Privacy and Security



Overview: Learn about our model for scaling health tech companies.


Getting Started: Learn who we go about seeding a successful long-term relationship


Visibility: See how we make it easy to check progress across work streams


Collaboration: Learn about the ways we foster collaboration with clients



Trust: See how we hold ourselves accountable to clients.


Our Model Rocks

Yes, we feel that strongly about it. We break from traditional lawyers and law firms in the way we approach getting work done. The system we created reflects our values of truth, transparency, and transformation. Read on to see how we make it work for startups.


We know health tech

Our attorneys grew up in health tech on the inside of one of the industry’s dominant vendors, Epic. We are one of the only law firms in the country that is able to translate those insider experiences into guidance for scaling health tech companies. Our rich background in health IT didn’t stop when we left Epic. Our post-Epic experiences include guiding venture-backed health tech startups on structuring strategic partnerships with pharma and retail, spearheading expansion into international markets, and closing enterprise software deals with major provider, payer, and PBM organizations.