Trifecta General Counsel

The Trifecta Team

We’re united in our quest to change how law firms operate. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the Trifecta squad came together after careers at Epic, data governance consulting, and private law practice.


Andrew Briggs

Attorney, specializing in data privacy and compliance

Andrew is a lifelong Madisonian and a 2011 graduate of UW Law School. After a working as a Special Prosecutor in various counties around Wisconsin, Andrew spent six years at Epic. He began as a Technical Coordinator, facilitating complex technical decisions during customer implementations, and then moved to compliance for the Hosting Team. During his time at Epic, Andrew developed a strong interest and appreciation for the legal and compliance challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Andrew's favorite parts about his job are helping our clients prepare for and adapt to healthcare’s ever changing legal and regulatory landscape and being a resource for our clients’ tough compliance questions.

When he’s not at work, Andrew enjoys walking downtown, exploring Madison’s newest restaurants.


Carla Russell

Operations, focused on company health and client engagement

Carla moved to Madison from rural Wisconsin in 2000 and has been captivated by the city's vibrant energy and lake-centric layout ever since. Carla spent more than seven years on the Implementation team at Epic, specializing in front-end hospital workflows, and four years in consulting, focused on healthcare analytics tools, processes, and team development. Carla works closely with both the Trifecta team and our clients to develop processes to improve workflow consistency and compliance management. She's also focused on Trifecta's business and team development, sharing our experiences with our clients along the way.

Carla's loves the opportunity to work with companies on the cutting edge of healthcare technology and develop processes to improve the effectiveness of the services we provide.

When she's not at work, you can often find Carla biking around her Arboretum neighborhood with her family.


Tripp Stroud

Founder and attorney, specializing in health tech law

The inspiration behind starting Trifecta General Counsel was Tripp's desire to shake up the traditional law firm model. His enthusiasm for building a next-generation law firm followed stretches as in-house counsel for Epic and as a private practice attorney. Tripp works closely with Trifecta customers as lead counsel, negotiating software license and other technology transactions with health systems, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and other movers and shakers in the healthcare space. Trifecta customers also pull in Tripp to consult on strategic matters ranging from new product development and licensing to crisis management.

What Tripp enjoys most about his job is learning from customers and experimenting with them on ways to enhance the client experience. Their enthusiasm for improving healthcare is an inspiration to him.

When he's not at work, you can find Tripp taking outdoor adventures with his family all over Wisconsin.


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